Machining Custom Thread Forms

Mastercam 2021 introduces the new Lathe Custom Thread toolpath to support custom thread forms.

The new Lathe Custom Thread toolpath on a part in the graphics window.

The new toolpath also takes advantage of Mastercam's next-generation panel interface to simplify and streamline your programming workflow. You can select chained geometry to represent the thread cross-section or select one of four parametric definitions:

  • Rope
  • Buttress
  • Square
  • Trapezoidal

Parametric definitions let you define the profile by entering dimensions directly in a properties grid, eliminating the need to chain geometry.

The "Custom Thread" function panel.

Mastercam lets you define roughing and finishing passes with separate cutting parameters.

The new custom thread module also supports Mastercam's other advanced threading and toolpath features, such as multi-start threads, tool inspection, ID/OD threads, allowances for mating parts, and cross-centerline turning. You can even name and save custom thread forms so you can easily retrieve and reuse them in future operations.