Grouping Viewsheets in Mastercam

Mastercam 2023 gives you the ability to create viewsheet groups. Use viewsheet groups for better viewsheet organization, more efficient workflow, and reduced on-screen clutter.

Viewsheets and viewsheet groups in Mastercam.

To add a viewsheet to a group, right-click on the viewsheet. Select Group, New group to create a new group or choose an existing group. To remove a viewsheet from a group, right-click the viewsheet and click Ungroup.

The viewsheet right-click menu.

You can also select multiple viewsheets to group or ungroup by pressing [Shift] and then selecting the viewsheets, or using the right-click menu.

The viewsheet right-click menu.

When you create a new group, Mastercam prompts you to customize the group name and color. You can edit these at any time by right-clicking on the group tab and selecting Rename or Color.

The "Create Viewsheet Group" dialog box.

Another way to add a viewsheet to an existing group is by dragging-and-dropping it between the group tab and any group member. Similarly, you can remove a tab from a group by dragging it outside of the grouped viewsheets. To expand or collapse a group, click on the group tab. The folder icon displays as open or closed depending on the group status.