More Powerful and Flexible 3D Roughing Linking

Mastercam 2022 introduced the new Linking Parameters page for finishing 3D high speed toolpaths, which includes new and improved functionality. Mastercam 2023 has expanded this effort to the Dynamic OptiRough, Area Roughing, and Horizontal Area toolpaths.

The "Linking Parameters" page.

Preventing the Tool from Retracting Between Passes

You now control the moves between Z depths using the new Keep tool down between Z depths option. In previous releases, Mastercam always retracted to move from Z depth to Z depth on open passes. You can now create smooth linking moves between Z depths, with an optional feed rate control. You can also specify a separate Feed rate for these moves. Additionally, the Keep tool down option has been moved from the Cut Parameters page.

The "Linking Parameters" page.

Keep tool down off Keep tool down on
An example with "Keep tool down" deselected. An example with "Keep tool down" selected.

Trimming Passes to Fit Transition Moves

Dynamic OptiRough, Area Roughing, and Horizontal Area now have the ability to trim passes to safely fit the transition moves, using the Fit transitions option. This option was previously only available to 3D high speed finishing toolpaths.

The "Fit transitions" option.

Fit transitions off Fit transitions on
A toolpath with "Fit transitions" off. A toolpath with "Fit transitions" on.