Machining Chamfer Holes Based on Width or Depth

Mastercam 2021 features a new toolpath, Chamfer Drill. Using tools with a tip angle, the Chamfer Drill toolpath chamfers holes after calculating the correct depth based on the desired width or depth. The Chamfer Drill toolpath also lets you select holes of different diameters or sizes—or that lie in different planes—and machine them in a single operation with a single tool.

The new Chamfer Drill toolpath shown in Mastercam Simulator.

You can use any tool with a tapered tip, not just a drill. Like other drill operations, you can use the Tool Axis Control page to choose 3-, 4-, or 5-axis output. Choosing 4-axis or 5-axis output gives you access to additional multiaxis features, like Safety Zone.

To create the toolpath, select Chamfer Drill in the Hole making section of the 2D Mill toolpaths. Then, in the graphics window, select the entities you want to add to the Features list. Use the following methods to make and manipulate your selections:

  • Select entities to add or delete them from the Features list.
  • Click or use window selection to choose solid holes, solid arc edges, wireframe arcs, lines, points, or AutoCursor positions.
  • [Ctrl+Click] to select all matching radius solid features.
  • [Ctrl+Shift+Click] to select all matching radius solid features on the same vector as the initial selection.
  • Click a selected solid feature’s arrow to change direction.

Chamfer Drill is located in the 2D gallery on the Mill Toolpaths contextual tab.

The "2D" gallery on with "Chamfer Drill" highlighted.


Currently, Chamfer Drill uses longhand output. Canned cycles are not available at this time.