Machining with a Customizable Multi-Segment Drill Cycle

Mastercam 2021 features a new toolpath, Advanced Drill.

The new Advanced Drill toolpath shown in Mastercam Simulator.

Advanced Drill is a customizable multi-segment drill cycle that is useful for spot drilling, deep hole drilling, and back spot facing. Each segment of the drill cycle can be defined in a table on the toolpath's Cut Parameters page.

The "Cut Parameters" page of the new Advanced Drill toolpath.

For each segment, you can customize any or all of the following conditions:

  • Define individual pecks within the segment, including retracts to simulate a chip break cycle.
  • Set the feed rate or choose rapid motion.
  • Change the spindle speed and direction.
  • Turn coolant options on or off.
  • Add manual entry comments or code.
  • Fine-tune the order in which the commands are output.

Like other drill operations, you can use the Tool Axis Control page to choose 3-, 4-, or 5-axis output. Choosing 4-axis or 5-axis output gives you access to additional multiaxis features, like Safety Zone.

Advanced Drill is located in the 2D gallery on the Mill Toolpaths contextual tab.

The "2D" gallery on with "Advanced Drill" highlighted.