Previous Releases

Want to catch up with previous Mastercam releases? Click below to download a printable PDF about each Mastercam version.


Some of the downloadable PDFs are only available in English.

Mastercam 2022

  • New Mesh functions and support.

  • Support for steady rests in Mill-Turn.

  • Top-level wireframe editing.

  • Borrowing network licenses.

Mastercam 2021

  • New 3+2 Automatic Roughing Toolpath.

  • Machining Chamfer Holes Based on Width or Depth.

  • Machining Custom Thread Form.

  • Machining with a Customizable Multi-Segment Drill Cycle.

Mastercam 2020

  • New 3D High Speed Blend Toolpath.

  • Usability improvements for 3D tools.

  • New Hole Table function.

  • Improved Machine Configuration Workflow.

  • Added the ability to filter for inserts and holders.

Mastercam 2019

  • New Multiaxis Deburr Toolpath.

  • New Model Chamfer Toolpath.

  • New Lathe PrimeTurning™ Toolpath.

  • New Solid Hole function.

  • Added 3D tool support.

  • New Advanced Toolpath Display function.