Planes and Planes Manager Enhancements

Listed below are enhancements to planes and the Planes Manager.

Linking and Unlinking Planes

Mastercam 2022 includes the ability to link and unlink custom planes in the Planes Manager. Link planes when you wish to maintain a spatial relationship between them. For example, if you link Plane A to Plane B, moving Plane A will move Plane B by the same amount. A parent-child relationship exists between linked planes, with child planes dependent on the parent plane. Parent planes cannot be linked to each other.

Access the Link/Unlink option via the Planes Manager right-click menu, the Dynamic Gnomon right-click menu, or the Link column in the Planes Manager. You can select this option when creating a plane.

The Planes Manager right-click menu with "Link/unlink" highlighted.

Set a selected plane as the child plane by using any of the methods described previously. Then select the parent plane from the Plane Selection dialog box.

The "Plane Selection" dialog box.

To unlink planes, follow the same steps and select Unlink selected or Unlink all.

While creating or editing a plane, you have the option to link it. Select Linked in the New Plane or Edit Plane function panel. Then, select the Named Plane button to select a parent plane.

The "New Plane" function panel with "Linked" highlighted.

You can view the parent-child relationships by selecting and hovering over a plane in the Planes Manager. New icons in the Name column also help you see which planes are linked.

The Planes Manager displayed a linked plane.

Directly Locking and Unlocking Planes

With this release of Mastercam, you can use the new Lock column in the Planes Manager to quickly lock and unlock planes. Previous versions of Mastercam required several steps to lock and unlock a plane.

To add the Lock column to Planes Manager, right-click in the header and select Lock. You can also remove the Lock column from the grid: right-click in the header and deselect Lock.

The Planes Manager right-click menu with "Lock" highlighted.

Click in the Lock column for that plane to toggle the Lock option on or off.

Toggling Display and Section for Locked Planes

Work more efficiently with the new ability to toggle Display and Section for locked planes. Click in the Display or Section column of the locked plane to toggle each setting on or off. Other settings for locked planes cannot be changed.

The Planes Manager with the "Display" and "Section" columns highlighted.

Controlling Plane Associativity

To give you greater control over plane associativity, Mastercam 2022 has split the Associative setting into two options:

  • Associative origin controls the origin associativity for the selected plane.
  • Associative orientation controls the view associativity for the selected plane.

Switch between settings as needed to gain clarity while working on your part. For quick access, you can find these settings in both the Planes Manager and the Advanced tab of the New/Edit Plane function panel. As with the previous Associative option, both settings are selected by default.

The "New Plane" function panel with the "Associative Origin" and "Associative View" highlighted.

Associating the Plane Origin to New Geometry

Mastercam 2022 gives you additional control when moving the origin of a named plane to a new location. Upon selecting new geometry you are given two options:

The "Planes" warning dialog box.

  • Select Yes to associate the plane’s origin to the newly selected geometry.
  • Select No to keep the plane origin’s current associations.