Borrowing Mastercam Network Licenses

The new Mastercam License Borrow Utility allows you to use Mastercam outside of the workplace. You must be connected to the network that hosts the Mastercam licenses to borrow a license. After borrowing, you can disconnect from the network.

You can now easily borrow a Mastercam network license for a specified time period. You can return the license or trade it for a different Mastercam product as needed. To streamline your workflow, you can also borrow multiple Mastercam products simultaneously.

The "Mastercam License Borrow Utility" dialog box.

The License Borrow Utility requires that you exchange your current remote network license for a network borrow server license. This is a one-time task that your network administrator can perform by reactivating your Mastercam network license.

Launch the License Borrow Utility by opening it from the Mastercam Licensing Utilities folder in the Windows Start Menu.

The "License Borrow Utility" in the Windows "Start" menu.

Select the licenses you want to borrow, and then click Borrow Licenses. The default borrow period is customizable and can be accessed by clicking File, Options.

The "Options" dialog box.

Licenses will automatically return to your network at the end of the borrow period. You can also choose to return a license early for others to use. Select the Return tab, select your license from the list, and click Return Licenses.