File Translator Enhancements

Listed below are enhancements to importing and exporting other CAD file formats.

Support for 3MF Files

Mastercam now supports the import and export of 3MF files. 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) is a file format designed specifically for additive manufacturing. It includes material, color, and other information that cannot be represented in the STL format.

Import and export 3MF files with the File, Open and Save As commands, just as you would any other Mastercam-supported CAD file.

The Converters page of the System Configuration dialog box lets you select default parameters for conversion to and from the .mcam and .3MF formats. You can also override these parameters when you convert a file to 3MF by choosing Options in the Save As dialog box.

Importing and Exporting CAD Files with New File Translators

Mastercam 2022 includes updates to the file translators in Mastercam 2022 to support these CAD file formats:

  • Parasolid v33
  • ACIS 2021.1
  • Rhino 7
  • Spatial 2021 1.0 SDK

Mastercam also no longer supports importing or exporting CATIA V4 files.

Multiple STL Files Merged as Separate Level Names

When you merge multiple STL files into a single .mcam file, Mastercam places the entities from each file onto separate levels that retain the name of the STL file. This enhancement makes the organization of your part files more manageable and should be especially helpful if you import STL files to build machines.