Wireframe Chaining Enhancements

Listed below are enhancements made to chaining when in Wireframe mode.

Indicating Chain Direction for Selection Methods

In previous versions of Mastercam, the chain direction was not indicated when using the Window, Polygon, Vector, and Area selection methods. Mastercam 2021 now indicates the chain direction when using these selection methods. In addition, if multiple wireframe geometry is chained, the Reverse option will switch the direction of all active chains.

Improved Visual Feedback Using Cplane Mode

When using Cplane mode, Mastercam now highlights and allows you to select only the entities parallel to the active Cplane.

Consistent Start and End Point Controls

The Chaining dialog box that opens when selecting Start point from the right-click menu of the Chain Manager has been updated. The controls are now consistent with the Wireframe Chaining dialog box.

Mastercam 2020 Mastercam 2021
The "Chaining" dialog box in Mastercam 2020. The "Chaining" dialog box in Mastercam 2021.