Creating Mesh Bodies

In Mastercam 2022, you no longer need to save a solid or surface to a stereolithography (STL) file, then merge it back into your part file to create a mesh. All primitive functions can now create mesh bodies.

The "Mesh" tab.

Select the Mesh entity type in the function panel to create a mesh. The Meshes From Entities function allows you to create a single mesh from multiple surfaces, solid bodies, mesh entities, or facets.

The "Primitive Block" function panel, with the "Mesh" option highlighted.

The functions listed below now include the ability to interact with mesh entities.

  • Analyze Dynamic (on the Home tab): Analyzes a mesh dynamically across its facets.
  • Curve Slice by Plane, Curve Slice Along Curve, and Curve at Intersection (on the Wireframe tab): Now support meshes along with surfaces, solids, and wireframe to create wireframe on meshes to use for other processes. For example, to turn scanned data for an intake port into cross-sections that you can use to create lofted surfaces or solids.
  • Point Dynamic (on the Wireframe tab): Creates points dynamically on a mesh.
  • Line Normal to Point, Line Normal to Grid, and Line Normal Along Chain (on the Wireframe tab): Create normal lines on a mesh to control the tool axis in a multiaxis toolpath.
  • Disassemble (on the Model Prep tab): Organizes multiple meshes into a specific plane.
  • Change Normal (on the Surfaces tab): Reverses the normal direction of a mesh.
  • Project (on the Transform tab): Now supports meshes along with surfaces and solids.
  • Geometry Nesting/Toolpath Nesting (on the Transform tab and Toolpaths contextual tabs): Nests meshes to fit parts onto machining surfaces or for additive manufacturing.
  • Modify at Intersection (on the Wireframe tab): Breaks, trims, or creates a point where wireframe entities intersect with a mesh.