Release Highlights

Demo/Home Learning Edition

This new version of Demo/HLE also includes more Mastercam products, add-ons, and functionality.

3D High Speed Dynamic OptiRough

The 3D High Speed Dynamic OptiRough toolpath is now available for all Mill and Router product levels.

Multiaxis Unified Toolpath

The new Multiaxis Unified toolpath allows you to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern.

Top-Level Editing

You can now directly edit wireframe geometry without interacting with the dialog box.

Mesh Functions and Support

You no longer need to save a solid or surface to a stereolithography (STL) file, then merge it back into your part file to create a mesh.

Linking and Unlinking Planes

Mastercam includes the ability to link and unlink custom planes in the Planes Manager.

Borrowing Network Licenses

You can now easily borrow a Mastercam network license for a specified time period.

More Powerful and Flexible 3D Linking

The Linking Parameters page for 3D high speed toolpaths has been redesigned and now includes new and improved functionality

Working with Mill-Turn Steady Rests

Mastercam 2022 introduces steady rest support for Mill-Turn.

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