Merge Pattern

The Merge Pattern function (accessed by selecting Merge on the File tab) has been improved for Mastercam 2020.

An image of the new Merge Pattern function panel.


You can now use Align to Face or select a transform method (Dynamic, Mirror, or Scale) to position the merged part geometry. Mastercam applies the result color to the merged geometry so it is easy to identify for further editing.

The Reselect button has been renamed Select, but retains the same functionality seen in previous versions of Mastercam.


In previous versions of Mastercam, you were limited to merging part geometry into the active level. For Mastercam 2020, you can choose on which level merged geometry will be placed.

The new Levels group on the Merge Pattern function panel has three options:

  • Active level: Merges part geometry into the current file's active level.
  • Merged file levels: Merged part geometry remains on its original levels.
  • Offset by: Mastercam places the merged part geometry on new levels whose numbers are offset by the value entered in the field. The merged part geometry stays separate from the target part geometry.

Mastercam applies your level preferences after you click OK or OK and Create new operation. Merge Pattern accounts for any level modifications you make to the Levels option when you use the Dynamic, Mirror, or Scale methods to position the geometry. However, if you select Active levels, Mastercam ignores these modifications and merges the part geometry into the original part's active level.

Attribute Settings

You now have more control over the attributes of your merged part. In previous Mastercam releases, the Use current attributes checkbox applied only the system color and level to the merged part. In Mastercam 2020, you can now apply the current system attributes for color, level, line style, point style, and line width to the entities in your merge part.

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