Chaining Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to chaining and the Chaining dialog box for Mastercam 2020. These include:

  • Improved Chaining dialog box layout for both Wireframe and Solids mode.
  • Chain display and behavior improvements, including new configuration settings for chain color and line style.
  • Removed the expand arrow from the upper left corner of the Chaining dialog box and moved the parameters to the main dialog box.

Use the links below to view enhancements specific to Solid and Wireframe mode chaining.

Chaining Tangent Entities

You can now automatically chain tangent entities or tangent edges by holding the [Shift] key while selecting an entity or edge. Chain tangent entities or edges when at a branch point by holding [Shift] while clicking a chain arrow, the Previous button, or the Next button. Control the angle used to determine tangency of entities using the new Chaining tangency tolerance option.

Unselect and Previous

An image showing the new Previous button in the Chaining dialog box.

The Unselect button now removes the last selected chain rather than the last entity of a linked edges chain when in Solid mode. Unselect and Unselect all behavior has improved during guided chaining for Wireframe mode.

A new button, Previous, removes one branch or entity at a time when creating a linked edges chain in Solid mode. Clicking this button moves the endpoint of a solid edges chain to the previous branch point. In Wireframe mode, clicking the Previous button moves the endpoint of a chain to the previous branch point.

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