Analyze Enhancements

Listed below are enhancements made to the Analyze functions on the Home tab.

Analyze Entity

Analyze Entity now includes additional information about associated geometry and operations. Click Association in the Analyze Properties dialog box to check for association to a solid, toolpath, plane, dimension, 3D annotations, or group. This button displays if the analyzed entity has associated geometry or operations.

An image showing Analyze Entity with the new Association button and it's dialog box.

In previous releases, imported Model Based Definition (MBD) data displayed by Analyze Entity was limited to name, type, referenced entity, and presentation graphic information. In Mastercam 2020, Analyze Entity also includes the part's semantic data, such as tolerance values and sub-types.

An image showing the updated Analyze Entity dialog box.

Analyze Entity also includes a Flip button, allowing you to reverse the start and end points of the selected line, spline, or arc.

An image of the Analyze Entity dialog box with the Flip button.

Check Solids

Check Solids will now check for tolerant edges and give a more detailed report in the Check Solid dialog box to help you locate any issues your part may have. The dialog box will also display a list of errors, even if not all of the entities are displayed.

Mastercam 2019     Mastercam 2020
The Check Solid dialog box from Mastercam 2019.     The Check Solid dialog box from Mastercam 2020.

Volume Information for Closed Mesh Parts

The Polygonal Mesh Properties dialog box now includes a Properties button. This opens the Solid Properties dialog box so you can view the following:

An image showing the new Properties button on the Polygonal Mesh Properties dialog box.

  • Solid volume and mass relative to a defined density
  • Center of gravity
  • Moment of inertia relative to a selected axis line

Additionally, you can save solid data to a file.

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