Model Prep Enhancements

Listed below are enhancements made to Model Prep functions.

Add History

Find Features has been renamed Add History. This new name reflects the enhancements that have been made to the function for Mastercam 2020.

An image showing the new Add History function panel.

Add History now creates hole operations, which were introduced in Mastercam 2019. When you select the Hole operations option, holes in a selected solid without history are recognized and saved in a new Hole operation. The Hole operation then displays in the Solids Manager.

Additionally, Add History now supports the selection of multiple bodies.

Align to Face

You can now slide a solid along a vector until it is within .001 inches or millimeters of the face of the target solid. Use the gnomon to move the solid along a vector. Press [Shift] to stop the motion when it contacts another solid face. Press [Shift] again to allow the solid to move freely through solid faces. Additionally, Align to Face now supports multiple undo and redo commands.


You can now use Push-Pull to create a new solid body, instead of modifying the source solid.

  • Select Move to extend or shrink the solid body.
  • Select Copy to create a new body using the selected face as the base.

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