New Model Chamfer Toolpath

A new toolpath is now available for 2D machining. The Model Chamfer toolpath allows you to machine safe horizontal chamfers on solid models. Model Chamfer only supports the following:

  • Chamfer mill tool type
  • Solid edges and faces for Chain geometry
  • Surfaces, solids, and meshes for Avoidance model

After selecting your Chain geometry, Model Chamfer has several unique parameters to further control the toolpath. You can enter a Side clearance for the Solid model, which is the distance away from the solid model you want the vertical part of your flute to clear. This option is set on the Toolpath Type page.

On the Cut Parameters page, you can set a Chamfer width value to set the width from the chain geometry. Use Top offset to define how far the full diameter of the tool is above the top rail of the chamfer and use Bottom offset to define how far the tip of the tool is from the bottom of the chamfer.

Select Model Chamfer from the 2D gallery in the Mill Toolpaths contextual tab.

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