High speed workflow

The workflow for all 3D High Speed toolpaths has been streamlined. You can now define which part geometry to machine and which geometry to avoid. For each geometry group you create, you can also assign variable stock to leave values on its walls and floors.

When selecting any of the 3D High Speed toolpaths, you are immediately brought to the Model Geometry page in the toolpath dialog box.

Use the Model Geometry page to create different types of geometry groups and define their attributes, such as color and the amount of stock to leave.

All of the geometry selection options that were previously located on the Toolpath Type page have been removed and relocated to the Model Geometry page or the Toolpath Control page.

The Toolpath Control page also includes options that were previously located on the Tool Containment page, which has been removed. On this page, you can further refine your toolpath by setting an Approximate start point, the Strategy, and other options.