Contour enhancements

The following enhancements apply to the standard 2D Contour toolpath.

Chamfer tool offset

In previous versions, you could only modify the Tip offset when chamfer milling, allowing you to control how far past the bottom chamfer rail the tip of the chamfer tool extends.

In 2018, Mastercam supports options to offset from the top or the bottom of your chamfer rail. Top offset places the full diameter of the chamfer tool at a specified distance above the top rail of the chamfer. Bottom offset amount ensures the tip of the tool clears the bottom of the chamfer. Width has also been renamed to Chamfer width.

You can also now enter 0.0 for the Chamfer width when using a chamfer tool. This allows you to chain the top or bottom rail of an existing chamfer and place the chamfer where you desire using the top or bottom offset value.

Machine finish passes

Select Machine finish passes after roughing all contours on the Multi Passes page to machine finish passes after all rough cuts and depth cuts have been completed.

Multi pass order

In Mastercam 2017, multi passes were only ordered By contour, meaning it completed one chain before moving on to the next. In 2018, you can now choose By contour or By pass on the Multi Passes page.

By pass orders the multi passes by pass number. It will run the first multi pass on all contours, then the second multi pass on all contours, and so on.

Rough pass cut direction

You can now control the cut direction of rough passes on the Multi Passes page. Select either One way or Zigzag. One way causes the rough multi passes to behave as they did in past versions. Zigzag will alternate the cut direction between climb and conventional.

Both options respect the Keep tool down option.