Tool Locators for B-axis Heads

Mastercam 2018 now includes support for tool locators for B-Axis heads. Spindle tool locators enable proper positioning of tools in the B-axis head. In Mastercam 2017, a tool in the B-axis head would generally have its compensation point along the centerline of the head.

This support greatly improves collision detection and a clear representation of the how the tool is mounted in the machine.

Additionally, multi-station tool locators are supported. This allows for realistic simulation of machine tool change motion. Instead of moving all the way to the tool change position, the spindle can move to any point you specify, index the locator, and quickly get back to cutting. These new locators are fully utilized in collision detection, including all tools mounted in the locators regardless of which tool is currently cutting.

The Tool Setup Manager also supports spindle tool locators.