Solid Sweep

Solid Sweep now has more options and controls than in previous releases. Solid Sweep operations from previous releases will still have limited features when edited in Mastercam 2018. Only newly created Solid Sweep operations will support the new options.

3D Along curve

Solid Sweep now supports 3D Along curves in addition to 2D Along curves.

End Profile Chain(s)

End Profile Chain(s) allows you to transition from one profile to another while traveling down the Along Chain.

Each profile must have an equal number of entities, but the profiles do not need to be chained in sync. The chains must contain the same number of entities, even if the shape is different.

Guide Chain

Use a Guide Chain to influence a Solid Sweep operation by introducing a chain that alters the shape of the results. The images below depict the orange wireframe being swept across the blue wireframe. The green wireframe is the Guide Chain.

  • Guide Chains that are offset by 180 degrees from the Along Chain yield the most predictable results.
  • Guide Chains are not limited to the same plane as the Along Chain.

New alignment options

Two new options have been added to control the alignment between your profile and the Along chains. Previous releases always kept the same angle relationship between the Profile and Along curves. You can choose one of the following:

  Normal Parallel
  • Normal maintains the original angle relationship between the profile and along chain.
  • Parallel keeps the cross sections parallel to the original profile.

The ability to control this relationship makes the exact placement of the profile in relation to the Along curve less critical.

Sharp corners

Prior to this release, Solid Sweep required a fillet between entities on the Along curve when there was a change in direction of more than 5 degrees. In Mastercam 2018, the profile geometry easily runs along sharp corners. If any sharp corners are encountered, Mastercam miters them.

This enhancement gives you greater flexibility and precision when modeling.

Sweep Twist

Sweep Twist, under the Advanced tab, allows you to twist the profile as it travels the Along Chain. You can control the angle of the twist as well as its placement along the sweep. There is no limitation on the angle of the twist, and you can use the following options to apply the twist from a certain place:

No twist Twist
  • The start of the Along Chain to the end
  • The start of the Profile Chain(s) to the end of the Along Chain
  • The start of the Along Chain to the Profile Chain(s)